January & February 2015 - An Exhibition & A Book

To start 2015 off with a bang a friend of mine found me published in the 2015 edition of 'Ripley's Believe It or Not!'. We literally 'couldn't believe it' and instantly I found myself a copy of the book.

Screenshot (95)

Also in January I appeared in an exhibition 'Crafting Anatomies' at the Bonington Gallery, Nottingham which was curated by Rhian Solomon. "Crafting Anatomies place the human body at the centre of a multi-disciplinary dialogue; exploring how this entity has been interpreted, crafted and reimagined in historical, contemporary and future contexts." Screenshot (85)

This was my first exhibition outside of my University setting and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Due to the nature of my work, as usual, I had to complete a health and safety assessment which meant I was lucky enough to visit and take part in the set-up of the exhibition. Below is me arranging my wee samples ready to assemble 'Wee Ribbon'.


'Wee Ribbon’ is my own creation, a new material through a composite of crystallized urine documenting 365 samples of my own urine, one for each day of the year. The dates alongside each sample in the 'Wee Ribbon' have been recorded in a Diary identifying every liquid consumed. For more details visit my website at www.amandacotton.co.uk. Amanda Cotton image #2Amanda Cotton Image #1

I also exhibited 'Self Portrait', (above right). 'Self Portrait' was created from the dirt and oil which my face produced and carried along with the makeup I applied throughout the day over the period of three months. For more details visit my website at www.amandacotton.co.uk.

The exhibition was a huge success Rhian Solomon did a fantastic job curating the show, everything was perfectly organised and therefore run smoothly.

wee ribbon

Feel free to visit these links if you wish to hear the art critics thoughts:

- http://www.boningtongallery.co.uk/coming-soon/crafting-anatomies - http://www.nottinghampost.com/Art-review-Crafting-Anatomies-Bonington-Gallery/story-25831635-detail/story.html

In February I was delighted to be invited to attend a highly respected annual Practising Business Rapport Dinner as a guest at Burgess Hill School for Girls. Guests from a range of businesses and professions are invited to this formal dinner to share their own experiences. The sixth form girls were given the opportunity to liaise with myself and other guests in order to become comfortable in such situations. I gave the girls insight and guidance related to a possible career in the arts offering my services to help network and be a potential contact for the future. Chatting with the girls was great I tried to answer as many questions as possible using my experience, as examples. One young lady even wanted to use 'un-traditional' materials which obviously sparked my interested. I am looking forward to helping her jump over these hurdles with my knowledge and personal experience of health and safety assessment forms.

Worked never stopped for me over Christmas, I worked on another Placenta Photo Frame. This commission was for a mum based in my home town of Essex, which is always lovely to do. She was not only my first client to have the larger size of 5" x 6" but also to have the reverse of her frame in pink! Pink was actually a great option it really bought the frame to life. me christmas placenta pink PPF

As you can see the start of 2015 was a busy one but that didn't stop me looking forward to what March had to offer.

Thanks for reading, best wishes, Amanda.