March 2015 - Goodbye Cheeky Tiki, Hello Self-employment

In March I made the decision to leave my full time job at Cheeky Tiki in order to further my own practise.Cheeky Tiki / Bespoke Barware is a design and build interior / exterior company based in Hackney Wick, London. /

I worked in the ceramic department where I helped create slip cast vessels for bars all over the world. You may have seen them pop up in my Instagram from time to time. Follow me on instagram @amandaecotton Before I left we underwent a major cleaning operation as you can see in the picture below. Not a speck of dust! During my time I met many lovely people who I am sure I will forever stay in contact with especially the pink enthusiast below. emma ct ct peeps

Being self-employed, my next step was to organise my work; on day 4 whilst booking my train to what I believe to be 'ceramic heaven' I just so happened to stumble across a random TV documentary on URINE  (coincidence, I think not!). Also I booked in two more lovely mums who wanted me to create Placenta Photo Frames for them. This meant at the beginning of the month my cool box and I  jumped on the bus and at the end of the month we also went across London via the tube.

placenta 1placenta tube

I also caught up with friends and family experimenting one of my favourite past times, cooking.                                     diner party dinner party

STUDIO UPDATE: Also in March I have exciting news to share as the Amanda Cotton Ceramics & Composites Studio began taking shape, firstly rebuilding the roof. This is going to be a huge on-going project so I will keep you updated. I can't wait to see how fast it develops and becomes my little hub. But for now, as I said before I booked my train to ceramic heaven! or more commonly known as Frances Doherty's home in France. So on the last day of March I took the ferry over to Dieppe where I was to stay with Fran for two weeks.

fran home My aim was learn how to throw (Throw = Ceramic technique) large scale ceramics. Being a petite person this was something Fran taught me to do in stages.

cylinder thrown 1bowl thrown 1 Here are two pieces I threw to get my started. Since I hadn't thrown in over 2 years I expected to be a little rusty but apparently throwing is like riding a bike.

To be continued...