April 2015 - Ceramic Heaven / Come Dine With Me

Continued....(See 'March 2015 - Goodbye Cheeky Tiki, Hello Self-employment' for a re-cap)

Whilst in France, Fran taught me day by day how to make my vessels bigger and bigger. I made mistakes along the way but each time I started again I improved. Below are images to show my stages of a large curved pot.

bowl thrown 1 82 3

45throing 2 1 Fran asked me to try and create a cylinder for home grown leeks and an additional fermenting pot for her kitchen, which is the pot you can see in the images above. The fermenting pot also taught me how to create thrown handles and weights which again I had never done before and actually turned out to be the hardest bit for me to get my head around. ceramics in france

Also we had a busy day making sketches ready for Fran's Open House in Brighton this year. I love this idea of sketching with clay as we created these crazy beautiful 3D objects and it was relaxing yet productive, my favourite type of day. 6

Fran's work is based around exaggerated seed pods and plants/flowers. Visit her website at www.francesdoherty.com I had such a lovely time in France it was exactly what I needed!

Upon my return I was taken out for dinner to celebrate me winning our Come Dine With Me Challenge. This was between 5 friends and myself taking it in turns to cook and supply entertainment which we then scored each other for. From Chinese to Bulgarian most of us had a theme, mine was the 'The Art of Cooking'. For starters I created a scene entirely out of food. As you can see in the picture there was a bread house, broccoli tree with potato tree house included, grass made from kale and a pathway made of mixed beans. Screenshot (23)

The pathway ran down the garden past a rockery of new potatoes and a salad dressing lake where wild mushrooms grew randomly. At the bottom was an allotment filled with mini root vegetables such as courgettes, turnips, radishes and carrots.  These grew through black dyed couscous to represent soil and noodles acting as worms.  Dotted around the garden was also garlic snails complete with shell for my diners to nibble on.

Alongside all of this were large flower pots complete with basil leaf and again couscous soil. These were filled with yummy homemade pate and humus to be eaten with the garden.

Screenshot (20)Screenshot (19) As a gift for each of my diners I preserved slices of toast and using chocolate I printed on their faces. Placed inside a clip frame these doubled up as personalised dinner mats.

Screenshot (21)Screenshot (30)

My diners and fellow contestants were shocked and delighted by my evening and as a result I scored top marks hence why I was taken out for dinner. We went to a lovely traditional Greek restaurant which had music playing by this adorable man. It certainly was a great night to remember. greek place

PLACENTA UPDATE: This month I had my first placenta drop off from a mother who gave birth over 4 years ago. She had decided to keep her placenta frozen until she found an idea that suited, which in her opinion happened to be my Placenta Photo Frame.   To ensure a mix up never occurs I don't like to have more than one frame on the go at any one time so this mother's placenta for now is safe and secure in my refrigerated unit whilst I complete my last order.placenta 3

ARTICLE OF MONTH: Each month I plan on delivering to my readers one article which is of special interest to me. This first one was bought to my attention by a good friend of mine Christina Kingston. click the link below.... "During Milan design week 2015, the design academy eindhoven presents ‘eat shit': a part public laboratory, part exhibition show at ventura lambrate, made up of work from the school’s entire department. 18 students and their teachers present their research and results, proving that innovation and artistry can contribute to a new approach to food." http://www.designboom.com/design/olivier-van-herpt-3d-printed-ceramics-design-academy-eindhoven-eat-shit-milan-design-week-04-28-2015/

STUDIO UPDATE! Finally this month my studio has gone full steam ahead and the roof is complete with skylight. My dad is tackling this task for me and happens to be an exceptional carpenter, I am very lucky. I have now been set the task of planning and organising the layout. 6.3 meters of pure space! I will let you know my ideas next month.

roof 3 roof 4