August & September 2015; Time Flies when you're having Fun

'Time flies when you’re having fun' and for me the past two months certainly has. Firstly, Matthew and I came across a brilliant new idea for the centre piece of any dinner table, fruit and vegetable candles. We loved the idea so much that we both decide to buy the kit for our mums to enjoy. Screenshot (18). Screenshot (21) As you can see, my Mum agreed with us. Below you can see my Mum lighting a paper candle ! Screenshot (16) Also in August I received my Level 3 Certificate in First Aid. I don't know why this isn't made compulsory for everyone to learn. In just the last few weeks I have already put my training to the test and helped many casualties. I am proud to say I am a first aider. Screenshot (15) One of the biggest changes for me over the last two months was my (rent paying) day job as we changed offices from Farringdon to Aldgate Tower. With over 1,000 employees you can imagine how full on it has been. However, I think it was worth it as the views of London are crazy! Screenshot (23) Strangely on my way to the new office I walked straight into a piece of work I created at my last job, Cheeky Tiki, which I left back in February. (Cheeky Tiki is a Design & Build company, which creates drinking vessels for bars / night clubs.) This vessel was in the shape of an oyster shell and about 2ft wide. Screenshot (14) I made the shell via a two part-mould with resin and silicon to capture the shape. It was no easy task due to its size and shape let alone the fact the mould weighed a tonne. I had solely worked on this from scratch, which you can see from the images below, so it was amazing to see one in use. Screenshot (25)  Screenshot (30). Screenshot (29)

Screenshot (26). Screenshot (31). Screenshot (28) Another fun surprise this month was an 'Instagram' post from Fran, showing off the fermenting pot I made in France. Fran had found time in her busy schedule to glaze my pot for me and now it’s complete. Hopefully it is working to its full potential but even if it isn't I think it still looks beautiful. Screenshot (13) As mentioned in my last post, I was commissioned to create some new interesting pieces one of which was an umbilical cord memento. This was the first time I had crafted something from an umbilical cord and as promised here is the final piece. Being immensely happy with the result, I am looking forward to my next commission. BRING ON THE UMBILLICAL CORDS! Haha FYI: The following luscious photos were taken by Matthew Simcox Link: www.Facebook.come/matthewsimcoxphotography _DSC7137 _DSC7073 (Above: Umbilical Cord Memento) I was also commissioned to create placenta beads with a sterling silver insert and a placenta key ring. These aren't items I would normally design but I can't deny I enjoyed the task of developing ideas and creating new moulds from scratch. In the end I could not be happier with the final pieces, sometimes simple is the way forward. _DSC7164 _DSC7159 (Above: Placenta Memento Beads with sterling silver insert) _DSC7127  _DSC7129 (Above: Placenta Key Ring Memento)

STUDIO UPDATE: From the pic below you can see two little built in rooms complete: one for storage and one to use as a kitchen which will include a fridge freezer for you know what. IMG_2487 Finally, this month I managed to find time to do some body casting of my tiny nephew Freddie -Lee. He was a brave little boy and let his Auntie put his hand and feet into all kinds of materials some he preferred more than others. Screenshot (19) The result is a memento of Freddie-Lee's feet and hands, to remember how small and perfectly formed they once were. Screenshot (9) Screenshot (8) These casts are straight out the mould and need a little tidy up but you get the gist of how amazingly cute they are going to be. I will reveal the finished pieces next month.

Thanks for reading and watch out for next month’s post, I promise there will be crocodiles!