September 2016; Crowd Funding Success

The MOORE TO LIFE Project funding campagin is finally complete & after raising a whopping £785 I couldn’t be happier. I spent ALOT of time celebrating its success with my parents and would like to say a massive shout out to them, not only for their support but to my dad for building me an amazing studio and my mum for helping me organise everything.

Also to my boyfriend Matthew Simcox for putting up with me, my house mates Jeanna Olsen and Claire Marie Walsh as well as Stephanie Lawrence who all help me in every way possible to succeed.

Plus a huge massive THANK YOU to my backers Christina Eagles, Jennie Keane, Clarissa Ferguson, Helen Norbury, Jason Stevens, Tony Winter, Dominic Alves, Lewis Seymour, David Matthews, Emily Rawlins, Curtis Jones, Chris Sladden, Nannie, Sarah Giles, Dan Soltwisch, Samantha Cotton, Frankie Hibbard, Steven Gurney, Christian Kingston, Emily Roots, Pat Simcox, Mandy Negus, Michael Simcox, Karen Baker, Alex Cotton and Shannon Leigh.

Also everyone that took part in my research Clare Thirgood, Jack Cox, Lily Levin, Kaarin Helmers, Lottie Louise Sayers, Steve Eagles and Kelly Gethin.

I’m looking forward to creating and sending you your reward/gifts. Hopefully they will mean as much to you as the project does to me. THANKS EVERYONE! Make sure to check back next month when I'll be updating you on the project.