January 2016; New Year, New website, New blog

If you are reading this you are probably already aware that over the last three / four months I have been working extremely hard to completely re-structure and create a new website and brand. I am now pleased to say my new website has gone live, there is still a few tweaks needed here and there but I believe it’s a lot fresher and more contemporary in a methodical, precise manner which sums up my work. I have also been working on a new logo/brand, any constructive criticism is welcome so feel free to leave feedback.

Also I started off the year finishing of this commission,  a hand cast including Dad, Mum and Baby. I am super pleased with it as it’s my first time casting more than one hand at a time. I also used a different plaster which I prefer as it’s stronger, smoother and a lot whiter.

Photography by Matthew Simcox

There is also a time-lapse video which you can watch via my Instagram:

For 4 days throughout January London was host to a selection of international artists who illuminated the city in the ‘Lumire London’ event. Even through the streets of London were freezing it didn’t stop people from travelling around to witness these displays of light. Link: http://www.visitlondon.com/lumiere/
The below collection are my favourites which Matthew photographed for me.

‘Lumire London’ Photography by Matthew Simcox

Although top marks went to the LED stick men at Liberty House for the sheer amount of thought and detail that went into the performance.
Link:  http://www.visitlondon.com/lumiere/programme/piccadilly-regent-street-and-st-james/lumiere-artist-groupe-laps

January has came and gone extremely quickly but some how I have managed to fit a lot in, I've got a feeling 2016 its going to be productive.

Happy New Year,