March 2016; AMSTERDAM ART!

This March I visited Amsterdam; in London, nine years ago, I was disappointed not to witness 'Body Worlds' the exhibition by Gunther von Hagen, so, as a well done for finishing my website I treated myself to an Amsterdam trip purposely to see the exhibition.

BODY WORLDS: The Happiness Project' in the heart of Amsterdam takes visitors on a journey through the human body, in search of what makes us happy and the impact happiness has on our health. More than 200 real human bodies show the complexity, resilience and vulnerability of the body and how our organs and muscles work. Link:

The bodies are obviously real, however, I feel the shine they give off detaches you from realising that, this is what your insides look like. Saying that, it really was mind boggling to see these preserved bodies. It's not as squeamish as it first sounds, like my work, it's not meant to be shocking but make you question and understand what the body really looks like.
Of course, I checked out the preserved placentas, see below, and my favourite piece; 3mm thick slices of different human bodies so you can clearly see the differences in organs and how what we do affects our inner body.

Also whilst in Amsterdam I checked out the Stedelijk Museum; an international museum dedicated to modern and contemporary art and design. Link: Over the years I have studied many artists who have influenced my work and it's always a pleasure to see their work on display.

Below left to right:
Richard Long, Blue Stone Circle 1978 - English sculptor and one of the best known British land artists. Link:
Christo and Jeanne- Claude, Valley Curtain 1972 - Installed between two Colorado mountain slopes the orange curtain was made from 200,200 square feet of woven nylon fabric. Link:

STUDIO UPDATE: As we enter spring the studio is looking super idyllic at the bottom the garden, see picture below, however inside it's chaos whilst we plaster the walls.

NEW PROJECT; March signified the start of a new project for me; The Bauball Project. I sent out 50 of these packs so people could collect souvenirs over a period of ten days. Next month I hope to have a great set of results... To be continued.