April 2016; The Memorial Photo Frame

This April I am please to announce, that it's official,  I am legally the only person in the UK currently creating Photo Frames made from a loved one's ashes. Patricia Hodson, from Liverpool, owner of patent number GB2441967,  'Method of Making a Frame from Incinerated Remains (human and animal).' has kindly granted me permission to make and sell the frames. My Memorial Photo Frames can be purchased via my website: www.amandacotton.co.uk. 

The Memorial Photo Frames started back in 2014, as always I talked about the idea with friends and family to gain feedback. Through the ‘grape vine’, Sandie heard of my idea and was willing to be my first client to commission me.

Sandie Lawrence “We would be so pleased if you would make a decorative keepsake using my dad’s ashes. I have never known what to do with them as a lasting memory. I didn’t want to scatter them, so the idea of a decorative keepsake is a beautiful thing to remember him by and something we can move with us wherever we live.”

Sandie had held on to her father’s ashes for 11 years so I felt overwhelmed that she asked me to do this, especially since I had never done it before. After frequent tests and a lot of research I finally came to an outcome which both Sandie and I was delighted with.

The creation of these frames was captured by the press, click the links below to read more.
The Argus - http://m.theargus.co.uk/news/11726382.Photo_frames_from_the_ashes_of_your_loved_ones/
The Birmingham Mail - http://m.theargus.co.uk/news/11726382.Photo_frames_from_the_ashes_of_your_loved_ones/

It's slightly embarrassing but worth mentioning, earlier this month I stumbled across a picture of me asleep and could help but think me and Ron Mueck had a lot in common. See below picture of my head and Mueck's sculpture: Mask II (detail), 2001, Mixed media 77 x 118 x 85 cm
Ron Mueck is an Australian hyperrealist sculptor working in the UK. Although I have never seen his work in person, I do aspire to one see it as he has been an inspiration to my work from the beginning.
Right to left:
- Mask II (detail), 2001, Mixed media 77 x 118 x 85 cm and my head asleep (Ha-ha)
- Boy, 1999 Mixed media 490 x 490 x 240 cm
- A girl, 2006, Mixed media 110.5 x 501 x 134.5 cm
- Big Man, 2000, Mixed media 205.7 x 117.4 x 209 cm

STUDIO UPDATE:  Freshly plastered walls - Next step a new concrete base for the floor.

THE BAUBAL PROJECT UPDATE: Getting some great result back form this - I'm looking forward to opening them all up next month. To be continued...