May; Organisation & Productivity

This May, due to a milk tooth over staying it's welcome, I had to visit the orthodontist. It was an expensive experience but my £75 also went towards this x-ray which to be honest I’m pretty pleased with.

You can see my milk tooth on the top right along with my adult tooth above. I also have a couple of fillings and root canal which is the excessive white area on the bottom left - Pretty kwl huh.

Anyways on a more productive note, it was full steam ahead with the studio this month. As you can see the walls are all plastered and glowing white. Now the weather has cheered up the floor will be down in no time and the wood will be vanished. I had my first ever delivery which I’m super excited about; time to do the finishing touches and get organised.

I have also moved forward with the Baubal Project, below are some of the results from my market research. So far I have learnt that, on special occasions, many people celebrate past, present and future and that most feel the same way as me, it's the smaller things in life that count.

So as you can tell I'll be spending most of June,  finishing the studio and preparing my crowd funding campaign in order to kick-start the Baubal Project.