July 2016; Exhibitions, Documentaries & Campagins

As you know from last month, this July I exhibited in London. http://www.wearesweetart.com/  On behalf of Sweet Art, SHE showcased the work of over 60 visual and performance artists including me as part of the Perform Gender Festival hosted by Ugly Duck. Local and international artists explored the theme of femininity.

Two artists who really caught my attention are Holly Rozier for her piece 'Susan', an insulation which was beautiful yet grotesque at the same time and Rachel Fallon for her piece 'La Befana' a research project into breast feeding.

I exhibited 'Body of Ceramics' 2012 which questions people's preconceptions on a material the nation is obsessed with, hair. Even though hair covers 90% of our external bodies, we find a single strand in our food and we are horrified. As a sculptural self-portrait each ceramic piece translates the measurements of my body, as a whole equals my weight, 7st 11lbs, incorporates my own spun hair and is displayed on a tabletop the same length as my body and width of my hips.
The Ugly Duck location based on Tanner Street was an incredible backdrop for my work and I couldn't of been happier with the set up. It was a privilege to exhibit, with Sweet Art who made the entire process smooth and comfortable.

I was also lucky enough this month to be filmed for a possible documentary which I will keep you updated on but this means, thanks to my Dad, the studio is basically finished :D  Steel racks and storage boxes are in place and the next task is to order my materials and fill the boxes which wont take long.

Back in March I kick-started a project surrounding baubles. Now that my studio is up and running and I have finalised the concept and this month saw the launch of my final idea named, The MOORE TO LIFE Project. In memory of my uncle Howard Moore, who I will always remember for his love of Christmas, I aim to create bespoke Christmas decorations. Although, like my previous work, they will be quite different from anything you have ever have seen before. For more information please click here.

To get my project off the ground I have launched a campaign.You can show your support for as little as £3.00 and in return you will receive unique rewards; from a surprise gift to a day in my studio with me learning ceramic techniques. To make a pelage please click here. I spent quite a lot of time creating my first presentation along with voice over which seeing as it's my first one quite proud off. Please check out the video below and let me know what you think. Next month I will keep you up dated on my progress and hopefully have some designs to show you.