August 2016; Kilns and Lathes

This August was mostly known for my new concept 'The MOORE TO LIFE Project.'
I owe a huge thanks to everyone who has supported so far. I can't believe that I am able to say that, after 11 days I was almost half way there. Now there's only two days to go, you better get in there quick!

After ALOT of over thinking I finally own a kiln. It's a top loader which helps with space in my studio and big enough to fit a large plant pot shape. Also it's 13amp's so will run from the bottom of the garden without sparking out the electricity in the house, perfect. For a first kiln, my little Hugo the Fuego (Fuego = the model) is everything I wanted. A big shout out to Bath Potters for supplying -

With my kiln arriving there is no way I couldn't have the floor ready, (kilns really are VERY heavy), so as you can see the studio is ready to go and over the bank holiday I spent my first weekend 'pottering' around. I'm ridiculously pleased to say the studio is finally finished!! :)

As a mould maker I like to make all my own originals, (the object you create and then mould so you can make multiples of the same thing), and to do this I decided I needed a lathe. This way I can ensure my original is symmetrical and well quite frankly perfect! Buying a wood lathe meant I needed to create a plaster chuck so to turn it into a plaster lathe. Using my experience from uni I managed to pull it off and you can see me using it in the video below. Watch out for next month when I'm making my originals.