October, November, December; Busy, Busy, Busy!

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful break over the Christmas period. 
Life has been extremely hectic for me over the past 3-4 months with all sorts of highs and lows it; all started back in October. 

Luckily for me I was invited to exhibit for 'Life, Death, Whatever.' at The National Trust's Sutton House in Hackney, East London on behalf of the Best Funeral Guide. Highlighting the taboo topics of death. It was quite a small affair but wonderful to be part off.  Downstairs they had art work including my own and upstairs for one weekend only funeral services and directors were invited to promote their companies. Sutton House it's self was absolutely beautiful as you can imagine. They always have interesting events happening so pop down if you get a chance. Click here to see: https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/sutton-house-and-breakers-yard

For everyone the run up to Christmas is busy but for me this year it was more than that . On the 2nd of November the ceiling in my house fell down. No, not just a section of the ceiling, the entire ceiling, loft and water tank. Water poured down the hall way and into the kitchen which meant the fire brigade announced our house as unlivable and all of us had to find alternative accommodation. The re-build is a long and complicated story but after two months we have finally moved back into our home and feeling extremely lucky.  




As you can see, from the timeline of images above, I have come a long way with The MOORE TO LIFE Project. I’ve got my kiln up and running and each glaze has been tested. I bought a lathe and have been practicing my shape in plaster to enable me to create my moulds ready for ceramic casting. I’ve also been working hard at making sure the mechanism of the lid works.

I have sent out the first round of rewards. This included my Amanda Cotton badges, created using the perfect shade of urine yellow. A surprise gift from my limited edition series of six life drawings surrounding the human body was also included. 

Even though I have come a long way, at this stage, there are many imperfections with the Christmas decorations so unfortunately they won’t be ready in time for Christmas 2016. I could rush to try and complete them before Christmas, but there’s no guarantee the quality would be up to my high standard. 

I will still complete the project it’s just going to take me a little longer than expected so please don't lose faith, keep your eyes peeled for the next update.

Christmas came and went super fast this year. A lovely time was spent with friends, family and my two favorites animals Echo the Gecko and Byron the Hedgehog. 

The end of 2016 was full of ups and downs. hopefully this January will be full of positives so to start 2017 on a high.