January, Feburary, March 2017; Back on track

Hi Everyone,  Sorry it's been a while, time seems to have completely ran away from me.

So far this year I have completed a few commissions, one of which was my Memorial Trinket Boxes. In memory of her father my lovely client, Jeanette, purchased two boxes one of which was for her Mother Lorraine. However this story has a beautiful twist because Sister in Law Toni, a fellow creator who makes her own cards for families birthdays, decided to decorate the box. Jeanette explained her father, "Wasn't one for going out, he loved his birds, feeding them every day and just sitting and watching them. His favorite colour was racing green, hence the green ribbon."

I love that my clients are able to put their own creative spin on my work, this is exactly why I love doing what I do. I hope it provides Lorraine with many happy memories.

Jeanette and her family, along with all of you that completed my online questionnaire, have helped inspire my Memorial Collection. I intend to develop the collection throughout 2017. My redesigned Memorial Photo Frame is almost complete but if you want to see a sneak peak or receive the exclusive preview you will have to sign up to my quarterly newsletter below.

The MOORE TO LIFE Project - I've gone back to the drawing the board with this. Learning from mistakes made last time round I aim to produce a high standard of quality. Next month I hope to have a complete piece ready to show off.

I have also purchased the final piece of my puzzle for the studio, a potters wheel. I have been looking for the perfect wheel for over a year now and not only did I manage to snap up a bargain but it is also my favorite colour, green. There is a little of bit repair work to do on the basin but nothing a little bit of fiber glass can't fix. I'm looking forward to getting it up and running as soon as possible and sharing my out-comes with you. 

I hope to get back on track with my news updates so see you next month!