June, July & August 2017; Celebrations

I'm extremely excited to announce that my The MOORE TO LIFE Project has been striving forward. (If you are unaware of my project you can catch up here.) My designs, shapes and ideas are completed. The images below show off my idea in it's simplest form. From here they can be transformed in appearance to create your own bespoke Christmas baubals.
I am currently completing baubals for those of you that supported my crowd funding campaign. My aim is to be complete by October, when I will also revel it to the public! Not long now!

In July and August, my boyfriend Matthew was best man to two of his best friends and I was lucky enough to be his plus one. Both weddings were spectacular. Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Parker and Mr & Mrs Gray. 

I am very excitied to announce that in the month of August Matthew and I did something crazy - we brought a boat! For two years now I have been talking about living aboard; now finally I can say I do. Matthew and I, have brought out first home together; a boat called Tom Thumb. He's a 32ft narrow boat moored at Limehouse marina in London. We moved on, on the 1st August and already there have been many adventures - I can't wait to share them with you next month.