Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec; 2017 Catch Up

2017 has been and gone, can you believe it? It's been a very exciting and busy year for me. Unfortunately, I haven't written as many posts as I would have liked so to catch up here's a taste of what I've been up to over the past four months.

Having brought Tom Thumb back in August, we have had friends over to visit and even made friends with the ducks. Below you can see ducks Derek and Beatrice who always paddle around together.

We also spent Christmas aboard Tom Thumb. In general people seem to be worried about us being cold when in fact it's extremely warm. Even the snow acted like an insulator.

Late last year, along my friend Lottie, we decided to test our craft skills with some macramé. The pieces below took us 5 hours, not bad for a first attempt. I intend to make a basket version for Byron to hang out in.

Talking of Byron, unfortuantly this Chrsitimas he's been a little poorly. After spending way to much time on his heat mat he has developed dermatitis on his belly. You can't tell though because he's still running around like a maniac. He should be fine again after some antibiotics  and soothing baths which he now has a new found love for.

On another note, I'm very sad to say that after 17 years Echo passed away in October. People that know me, will know about my obsessions with Lizards and how much I cherished Echo. I feel incredibly sad however when I see picture's like the below it cheers me up. Below is Echo and I shortly after my 12th birthday. She will always be a massive part of who I am and therefore never forgotten.

Since September I have done a few activities including a pig course butchery course at Ginger Pig. This was a chance for me to learn how to use the entire animal when cooking and respect the different cuts. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend to anyone.

Matthew and I, also visited Kew Gardens . We went on Boxing Day to see the light show which was absolutely incredible. Below are my best bits including an archway of lights, dots of light, which changed colour to music and a Christmas tree made from sledges.

The end of 2017 saw the completion of my MOORE TO LIFE Bespoke Christmas Decorations. You can remind yourself read the story here:

2018 is already set to be an exciting year. I have multiple commissions already on the go including a Placenta Photo Frame plus two Memorial Planters.

The plan for 2018 is to finish my Memorial Collection and move my studio to London so to start a new art piece. Can't say I'm not looking forward to what else 2018 may bring.