lava sciEne

Lava Sciene portrays the beauty of an animal usually associated with death & decay. Created using maggots as my paining tool, I have highlighted the energy of the animal via colour and believe these paintings therefore express notions of life.

The paintings are the product of a performance piece named 'Lava Scene' (Maggot Science) from 2008. By disregarding a piece of meat for ten weeks, I grew my own maggots and during exhibit, I used them to paint with. 

My aim for the Lava Sciene was to shock people. I wanted the audience to see beautiful paintings full of colour and excitement then, when they took a closer look at my painting tool, I wanted to record their reaction. As a result, some people would turn and walk away in disgust whilst others would stand and stare, mostly in disbelief that this animal was cable of such beauty.

This project means a lot to me; from beginning to end I was extremely passionate about what I was doing. It was also when realisation hit that I did wanted to use my artistic skills and turn them into a career. The original performance took place back in 2008 and since in many exhibitions including 'Life, Death, Whatever.' at National Trust's Sutton House in Hackney, East London on behalf of the Best Funeral Guide in October 2016.


Each painting is bespoke to the individual including your own choice of paper and paint colours.

All paintings are A4 in size and on either Black or White paper.

Any one or more of the following - Black, White, Yellow, Red & Blue. 

£30.00 each, two for £50.00, three for £60.00

£5.00 - When sending items via post within the EU, however, there is a small charge for posting outside the EU.

Please contact me with your choice of paper and paint colours and I will send you a payment request.

Commissions are available, please contact me for details.