tHE moore to life PROJECT

The project is in memory of my uncle Howard Moore, who I will always remember for his love of Christmas. He always went to extremes; covering his house with lights and keeping his tree up for years.

For this reason, I want to create bespoke Christmas decorations. Although, like my previous work, they will be quite different from anything you have ever have seen before. Howard taught me that it’s the little things in life that count, so this is ultimately represented in my designs.

To gather market research I have also reached out to the public. I asked 30 people to collect a souvenir which was significant to them over a period of ten days. The items needed to fit in the box I provided which they also had to decorate. I have used my findings to develop my designs which I hope to reveal and launch in time for Christmas 2016. For the full story watch the video below.

Crowd Funding
Back in August I start a crowd funding campaign to raise enough money so I could complete the project in time for Christmas 2016. Funding is now complete and after raising a whopping £785 I couldn’t be happier. 

I want to say a massive shout out to my parents, not only for their support but to my dad for building me an amazing studio and my mum for helping me organise everything. Also to my Boyfriend Matthew Simcox for putting up with me, my house mates Jeanna Olsen & Claire Marie Walsh as well as Stephanie Lawrence who all help me in every way possible to succeed.

Plus a huge massive THANK YOU to my backers Christina Eagles, Jennie Keane, Clarissa Ferguson, Helen Norbury, Jason Stevens, Tony Winter, Dominic Alves, Lewis Seymour, David Matthews, Emily Rawlins, Curtis Jones, Chris Sladden, Nannies, Sarah Giles, Dan Soltwisch, Samantha Cotton, Frankie Hibbard, Steven Gurney, Christian Kingston, Emily Roots, Pat Simcox, Mandy Negus, Michael Simcox, Karen Baker, Alex Cotton and Shannon Leigh. Also to everyone that took part in my research Clare Thirgood, Jack Cox, Lily Levin, Kaarin Heller, Lottie Louise Sayers and Kelly Gethin.

By raising  £785.00, £285 over my target means I can complete The MOORE TO LIFE Project . I have started creating my Christmas decorations designs and, even though in the early stages, they are looking great. For the full story and to see how my crowd funding campaign got on, CLICK HERE



I have sent out the first round of rewards. This included my Amanda Cotton badges, created using the perfect shade of urine yellow. Also a surprise gift, seen above, from my limited edition series of six life drawings surrounding the human body was also included. 

Deadline Update

As you can see, from the timeline of images above, I have come a long way. I’ve got my kiln up and running and each glaze has been tested. I bought a lathe and have been practising my shape in plaster to enable me to create my moulds ready for ceramic casting. I’ve also been working hard at making sure the mechanism of the lid works. However, at this stage, there are many imperfections so unfortunately the Christmas decorations won’t be ready in time for Christmas 2016. I could rush to try and complete them before Christmas, but there’s no guarantee the quality would be up to my high standard. I will still complete the project it’s just going to take me a little longer than expected so please don't lose faith, keep your eyes peeled for the next update.

March 2017
With March being Howard's birthday month - After getting some head space, I've got the project back up and running again. I went back to the drawing the board and learning from mistakes from last time round I aim to produce a high standard of quality. I have redesigned the shape and cast the new shapes.


September 2017
I'm extremely excited to announce that, a year on, my project has been striving forward. My designs, shapes and ideas are completed. The images above show off my idea in it's simplest form. From here they can be transformed in appearance to create your own bespoke Christmas baubals.
The Moore to Life Baubal is presented like a present which you delicately unwrap in order to collect and cherish your memories. The idea is that the baubal represents a person, each Christmas you place items inside to sum up that person’s year; helping to build and capture memories over a life time. If you have one baubal representing you as well as each person in your family your Christmas tree can become a family tree.
COLLECTION: As well as The Moore to Life Baubal, you can also have one off baubals. The Celebration Baubal which represents a specific moment in time, for example, your wedding day. The Memorial Baubal to represent those we have loved and lost.

NEXT STEP: I am currently completing baubals for those of you that supported my crowd funding campaign. My aim is to be complete by October, when I will also revel it to the public! Not long now!