Placenta Photo Frame

The placenta is a highly specialised self-grown organ which protects and nourishes your baby throughout pregnancy. It is released by the mother after it has done its job by delivering to you a healthy baby. It has been said that the placenta contains the identity of both mother and baby as it is one of the first connections they create together.

In some countries they plant the placenta in the garden to grow a ‘Tree of Life’ ensuring a healthy child and some people believe eating the placenta is a source of vitality to the women. However, in 2015 it was scientifically proven that there is no health benefits to eating your placenta, so why not have a Placenta Photo Frame instead.

placenta Photo Frame

A Placenta Photo Frame is a functional piece that owes its unparalleled aesthetic and emotional significance to one’s very own placenta organ, retained from childbirth. Formerly a source of vitality for your baby, your placenta can now be reworked by me; Amanda Cotton the only maker of the Placenta Photo Frame, for its inclusion in a decorative keepsake and memory of your pregnancy which connects the baby and their placenta back together outside the womb.

If you, like my previous clients, appreciate the symbolic significance of this organ and wish to celebrate the special bond you and your baby shared while he/she was in the womb, then the Placenta Photo Frame could be the option for you; a permanent, useful and appreciative way to honour the private bond between you and your child.

Each Placenta Photo Frame is completely unique to the individual as colouring will depend on your placentas size and blood content. Frames also come in a range of sizes starting from £225.00.

If like my previous clients, you appreciate the significance of the placenta, the first thing to do is contact me by requesting a Free Information Pack.