Audrey, London UK

June 2015

Audrey gave birth over a year ago and she kept her placenta safe in the freezer. She ordered a 4" x 6" Placenta Photo Frame in black. Because Audrey was based in London I collected her placenta, from her home address, and delivered her completed Placenta Photo Frame both in person.

Audrey's placenta:  Audrey's placenta when frozen was approximately 20cm in length, so from my knowledge fairly average, yet shrank a lot during the dehydration process; weighing only 64g once dehydrated. Originally, she was only going to use half her placenta but luckily changed her mind.

Audrey's placenta has created the most colourful Placenta Photo Frame yet with an incredible range of brown tones. So far everyone's placenta has been different but compared to Audrey's, all others have been far darker.

Audrey: "I really love the frame; I sent a pic to my midwife too. Thank you. It's going to be a talking point in our house for years to come. I'm happy my placenta has been put to good use and will be on display forever- if I have any more babies I know where to come!"