Laura, Essex UK

February 2015

Whilst pregnant, in October 2014 Laura contacted me, to request a ‘Free Information Pack’. Laura was intrigued by the Placenta Photo Frame.

Laura: “I saw your details in one of the baby magazines (I can't remember which one, I've been reading a few recently!) and thought it was a great idea. It will definitely be a conversation starter!”

Laura was due over Christmas but I wasted no time and happily worked this busy period. On the 27th of December I collected Laura’s placenta from her home and began creating her Placenta Photo Frame. Since giving birth to a little girl Laura had kept her placenta in the freezer.

Laura was my first and only client to go for a pink version. Being the first to go for a colour other than black, I won’t lie, I was a little worried. However, after seeing the result, I feel the splash of colour really brought the Placenta Photo Frame to life. Great choice Laura!

Laura's placenta: Reddish brown in colour, Laura’s placenta seemed pretty healthy to me. Obviously, that’s not a scientific fact but through comparing clients, this is my thought on the matter. Laura’s placenta was roughly 19cm long when frozen and once dehydrated weighed 104g. So, again from my own knowledge, this was an average sized placenta.

Once Laura’s 5" x 7” pink Placenta Photo Frame arrived safely she was more than happy.

Laura: "It looks great, It has pride of place in our living room and is always a talking point whenever people come round!"