Shannon, Essex UK

Shannon, a young mum from Rayleigh Essex, was inspired by how my frames bring the baby and placenta back together outside the womb. For this reason she decided to use the first ever picture of Freddie-Lee taken just moments after he arrived. 

Shannon's placenta was super tiny measuring only 14cm, but then, her little one Freddie-Lee weighed less than 6lbs. I made her a 4’x6’ portrait frame with a black back and inscribed with Freddie-Lee’s name and date of birth in white.

From the pictures above I think it's safe to say Freddie-Lee was impressed with his Placenta Photo Frame although this wasn’t the only thing I made. I also created a small trinket box to keep Freddie-Lee’s, first lock of hair, baby teeth and even his umbilical cord which I preserved and shaped.

On top of this, Shannon was the first client to test my body casting skills. I created a cast of Freddie-Lee’s foot and hand.  To start with, little Freddie was not impressed, but he certainly came round to the idea and in the end wasn't phased at all. The material I used to cast with is rubber based and completely child safe, once I take the cast it is a simple case of washing the body part.

Freddie-Lee’s casts were mounted onto handmade plastic disks with his name and date of birth matching the Placenta Photo Frame perfectly.

Finally, Shannon wanted something to represent their family as a whole and commissioned me to create a family cast of Mum, Dad and Freddie-Lee in a hand clasp.  This is the first time I had attempted casting three hands at once but it went perfectly.

All of us couldn’t have been happier with the result, Shannon sent me the above picture to show off how she had gone about displaying it.