Sarah, Birmingham UK

Febuary 2016

Ever since Sarah had a little boy back in April 2011 she kept her placenta in the freezer. When I asked Sarah why she had held on to it for so long, she explained, “I decided to keep the placenta because I think it's function is amazing, my body created it so my baby could live. I couldn't do it a disservice by incinerating it with a load of hospitals waste. We thought about eating it but that felt too weird. I had planned to plant it with a tree but we'd have to leave when we moved. My friend sent me a link to an article about you and I thought it would be perfect to have it made in to photo frame.” 

Sarah lives in Birmingham, but has family in London so whilst she visited the south we met at Euston Station and I collected her placenta which was really rather small measuring a diameter of only 15cm.

Once I had completed Sarah’s frame 4'x6' portrait frame with a black reverse she had a trustworthy friend who collected it from my house and held on to it until Sarah’s next visit to London. 

Although Sarah was extremely happy with the frame, I feel it is only right to mention that once she opened the box the frame had incurred some minor defects. Unfortunately due to it being enclosed for some time the bubble wrap I used caused a reaction. To think a frame was not up to scratch was incredible disappointing for me; however I am pleased to say it was a lesson learnt. I now use a completely different quality wrap and include gels to capture the moisture. Sarah was extremely understanding of the situation and I managed to smooth out all the imperfections therefore in the end it was a success. 

Finally I met Sarah at Euston Station to hand back her Placenta Photo Frame and she was thrilled, Sarah’s tiny ruby red placenta had created beautiful tones.