Wednesday 31st October 2012

A collection of 35 people’s personal data and materials collated via a survey and carried out on a specific date in time. This project was the initial research towards my Masters Degree. After gathering all my own bodily materials I wanted to branch out and compare others.

On Wednesday the 31st October 2012 I asked 35 people to complete a survey throughout the entire day. I was very particular that it must be on this day only. I asked them to fill in a form about themselves as well as record:
- An hourly diary throughout their day.
- A record of what they ate and drunk during their day.
- Each time they visited the bathroom to urinate.

And also collect bodily materials such as:
- A hair clipping.
- At least one finger or toe nail clipping.
- Before going to bed, a swap of the bacteria from their mouth using litmus paper.
- A urine sample from their first visit to the bathroom the following morning.
- A souvenir from their day.

My intention was to display a collection of untreated bio-materials within plastics and ceramic vessels to appear as if they are undergoing a scientific experiment in a laboratory.  The bodily materials had to be laid out systematically, everything clean and clear to create an elegant, positive atmosphere in order to intrigue people towards these taboo materials. I wanted the public to see other people's untreated materials and, as they previously did with my own, make connections.  

The materials displayed were systematically numbered corresponding to an entire catalogue of each participant's survey. This catalogue also included graphs and critiques investigating individual participant's results and comparing these against one another.

Most of my participants enjoyed filling in the survey saying that it opened their eyes to how unhealthy they were and how their daily life followed patterns.

In my own findings I was extremely pleased with the variation. Each individual's samples within each category was unique to themselves. A delicate colourful fingernail to a large thick ugly toenail. A pure water like liquid compared to a dark misty substance. I found it intriguing how diverse people truly are and when stripped bare how differently people can be portrayed.

The survey and collection was a success and still today continues to inspire my work.


Exhibitions and Press

'Grad Show' University of Brighton Graduate Show, Brighton, June 2013