Wee Bottle

Through the exploration of glaze my work replaces water, a fundamental tool in ceramics, with the taboo product urine. Each bottle is coated in the same glaze yet the top half is mixed with water and the bottom with urine, showing the difference in colour and texture.

Via the consumption of liquid in a human’s diet I have discovered significant changes in glaze. In image two you can see a healthy water based diet shows little difference, however, a diet of alcohol and coffee has a dramatic effect on the colour and texture, making each glaze individual.

The shape of the bottles was formed with not only the test tube in mind but the bulbous section also holds one litre of water much like a full bladder. 

This project is currently on going as I work my way through various firings and glaze recipes. In image two you can see my best results via Raku and image three a crystalline glaze, although I have also found results in earthenware and stoneware recipes. 


Exhibitions and Press

  • 'New Designers' The Business Design Centre, London, July 2013
  • 'Up and Beyond' University of Brighton Graduate Show, Brighton, June 2012