Body Casting



I believe a body cast is the perfect way to capture a memory from your life, whether it is your hands, feet or torso, through the folds of skin your body can tell a story.
PROCESS: The process of creating a cast is completely dependant on the amount of people involved. To make the cast, either I can visit you at your house (extra charge) or you can visit me at my studio in Essex (free).  The casting material I use is rubber/latex based and completely safe even for use with babies/children, unless they are allergic to latex. The body part is simply wiped with a baby wipe or washed afterwards. A skin test can be done prior to the casting day if preferred. 
DESIGN AND SHAPE:  The position in which you would like your hands it totally up to you. Presentation frames and plinths are an additional cost starting from £12.00 The above images and prices are for vanished plaster although other materials can be used.


Price includes casting materials as well as the final memento.
One Cast: One child's hand or foot (seen above) in varnished plaster from £95.00 each.
Two Casts: One child's foot and one hand (seen above) in varnished plaster from £150.00.
Baby Bump:  In varnished plaster from £220.00.
Mum, Dad and Baby Hand: In varnished plaster from £225.00.
Two Adult Hands:  In varnished plaster from £ 185.00.
Family of Four Hands:  In varnished plaster from £250.00.
Presentation frames and plinths: additional cost starting from £12.00.


Option 1. COLLECTION If you would like to collect your cast that’s fine. You can either collect from me in Stratford, London UK or my Studio in Rayleigh, Essex UK. This option would obviously be free. 
Option 2. DELIVERY I am happy to deliver your cast. Price will be dependant on your location. (This roughly works out at the cost of the train ticket plus £5 per hour spent travelling. However if you live in the Brighton / Essex / London area discounts are available.) Many previous clients have travelled in to London and I have met them at a train station. 
Option 3. ROYAL MAIL When sending items via post I will only send via Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed. This service is recommended by the post office for valuable items. The delivery of a body cast is dependant on its size therefore would usually be hand collected or delivered.


When your ready please contact me so I can pencil you into my schedule. From here we can discuss your options and fix a date to create your cast. Payment will requested two weeks before your casting day although no deposit is taken poor to this date.

If you are interested in ordering a Body Cast the first thing you need to do is contact me OR if you have your own idea, please feel to send me a Commission Request.