Body of Ceramics

Even though hair covers 90% of our external bodies, we find a single hair in our food and we are horrified. By integrating my own head hair into a collection of tableware, I aim to question people's preconceptions of a material the nation is obsessed with.

As a sculptural self portrait each ceramic piece translates the exact measurements of my body from the palm of my hand, to the length of my foot. My own spun head hair is incorporated in many styles via various ceramic techniques also each piece has been weighed and recorded so to equal my average weight, 7st 11lbs. Finally Body of Ceramics is displayed on a tabletop the same length as my body, width of my hips and height of my legs. 

Collaborated with: Jenny Dalby founder of ‘Sheep to Chic’; Spinning yarn from the untraditional.

Exhibitions and Press