moore to life decorations

Through images and colour each MOORE TO LIFE Decoration represents special events and people in your life.  Weather you are celebrating a special moment like your wedding day or remembering the life of a loved one who has passed these memento’s are the perfect gift. Each one is bespoke owing its unparalleled aesthetic and emotional significance to the owner. As a functional piece, you can even delicately un-ravel the decoration to place keepsakes inside. Each one is meticulously hand-crafted from porcelain by me in London U.K.


MOORE TO LIFE Decorations come in two sizes large & small.


MOORE TO LIFE Decorations are unique to the individual therefore they are individually priced. Please contact me with your ideas for example what is your favorite colour?, Is it for a memorial occasion? or do you have a favorite song / image you want to add? From here I can draft some decoration ideas and provide you with a quote. For multiple orders special discounts will be applied.


This project is in memory of Howard Moore, who I will always remember for his love of Christmas. He always went to extremes; covering his house with lights and keeping his tree up all year. In Howard's memory I donate a % of profit to charity.