moore to life decorations

Through images and colour each MOORE TO LIFE Decoration represents special events and people in your life.  As a functional memento, you can delicately un-ravel the decoration to place keepsakes inside. This level of individuality means each one owes its unparalleled aesthetic and emotional significance to you. As life unfolds you can collect MOORE TO LIFE Decorations creating a Family tree.

There are three styles within the collection; The Life Time, The Celebration and The Memorial.  Each one is meticulously hand-crafted from porcelain by me in London U.K.


MOORE TO LIFE Decorations are unique to the individual therefore they are individually priced. Please contact me with your ideas and I can provide you with a quote. For multiple orders special discounts will be applied.

LIFE TIME Decoration

Celebrate life by having a decoration that through, image, colour and pattern represents you or other’s that you love. Place a keepsake inside that capture’s your year. Over a lifetime you will have a collection of memories. 

CELEBRATION decoration

Celebrate your wedding day, first home and other specific moments by decorating with inscriptions and images. Place keepsakes inside so that year after year you can remember those special events. 

MEMORial decoration

Celebrate those you have loved and lost through an image, inscription or even ashes on the outside of your decoration. Keep inside your cherished memories and look upon your decoration to feel they are present. (More details on Memorial Decorations including using one's ashes can be found here).


This project is in memory of Howard Moore, who I will always remember for his love of Christmas. He always went to extremes; covering his house with lights and keeping his tree up all year. In Howard's memory I donate a % of profit to charity.