Memorial Collection

Memorial Mementos are functional ceramic objects that owe their unparalleled aesthetic and emotional significance to one’s very own matter. I believe them to be a permanent, useful and appreciative ways to honour the private bond between you and a loved one.

Memorial Mementos are crafted using a loved one's ashes making each one unique. Variations in colour depends on the materials within the ashes. For example, the slight green and brown speckles that are found in image one above.

Each memento is unique to the individual therefore they are not priced. Please contact me with your preferences. From here I can create a template. (For multiple orders discounts will be applied).

All Memorial Mementos can be created from human or animal ashes. Whether you want to use the ashes of your cat, dog or even reptile the process of ordering and creating an animal memento is the same.


Memorial Planters enable you to grow a tree of life. You can feature your loved ones ashes on the surface of your planter and/or add your loved one's ashes to the soil.

Memorial Planters are for indoor use and available in two sizes:

  • Small uses 50g (1.5 handfuls) of ashes. Perfect for cacti and succulents from £45.

  • Large uses 100g (3 handfuls) of ashes. Perfect for monster deliciosa and philodendron scandens from £195.

moore to life - memorial decorations

By using a loved ones ashes each Memorial Decoration represents a loved one. As a functional memento, you can also delicately un-ravel your decoration to place keepsakes and/or ashes inside. Memorial Decorations enable you to keep cherished memories inside and look upon your decoration to feel those we have loved and lots are present.

Memorial Decorations are part of MOORE TO LIFE Collection - Click here to read more

Memorial Decorations are available in two sizes:

  • Small uses 50g (1.5 handfuls) of ashes. From £55

  • Large uses 100g (3 handfuls) of ashes. From £95


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memorial vase

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The Memorial Collection is designed to be versatile. Your loved ones ashes do not have to be incorporated. You can have images and/or subscriptions added to the surface instead. Then, in the comfort of your own home, you can add your loved one's ashes.

Adding your loved one's ashes to the soil of a Memorial Planter is a great idea or you can keep ashes in side of a Memorial Decoration.