Placenta Memento's owe their unparalleled aesthetic and emotional significance to one’s very own placenta organ retained from childbirth. The placenta is a self-grown organ which protects and nourishes the baby throughout pregnancy. It’s been said that the placenta contains the identity of both mother and baby as it is one of the first connections they create together. In some countries they plant the placenta in the garden to grow a ‘Tree of Life’ ensuring a healthy child and some people believe eating the placenta is a source of vitality to the women.  

I’m sure you’ve heard of women eating their placenta declaring it is great nourishment for new mothers. Many have also been looking towards placenta nourishment pills. However, in June 2015, according to the BBC ‘it was scientifically proven that eating your placenta has no health benefit.’ So why not have a memento instead? 
If you wish to order a Placenta Memento there are three things to remember:

  1. Tell me your due date: Once your little one has been born I can begin your Placenta Memento.

  2. Retain your placenta: Remember to inform your midwife that you would like to keep your placenta.

  3. Freeze your placenta: Remember to keep your placenta frozen/chilled. If your placenta is already frozen we can get started straight away.

placenta photo frame

Your placenta can be reworked by me for it's inclusion in a decorative yet functional keepsake and memory of your pregnancy. The Placenta Photo Frame re-connects the baby and their placenta back together outside the womb.

Your Placenta Photo Frame is dependent on your placenta; everyone's placenta is incredibly different so this will determine the over all colour.  An inscription of your baby’s date of birth and/or name can be set inside the frame. All Placenta Photo Frames are either landscape or portrait and created in two sizes:

  • 4’x6’ from £225.00

  • 5’x7’ from £265.00


The umbilical cord has always been a significant object in childbirth, connecting mother and baby via the baby’s belly button and placenta. Once your baby has arrived, most people will take part in cutting of the cord. Over the years, women have kept the umbilical cord to treasure the memory of pregnancy and labour.

Whether you choose a heart, spiral or an organic shape, the preservation of an umbilical cord is a delicate one. So far, I’ve found everyone’s umbilical cord is different in length and texture, however, most shapes or even letters can be created. 

Your umbilical cord can be transformed into any shape and preserved from £45.00. It is also possible to have your umbilical cord placed inside your Placenta Photo Frame so it’s visible. (Special discounts apply when ordered alongside a Placenta Photo Frame.)

placenta bead

Whether you have given up taking your placenta pills or fancy something extra along side your Placenta Photo Frame, these Placenta Beads with a sterling silver are perfect. From £45.00. (Special discounts apply when ordered alongside a Placenta Photo Frame.)